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Body Image

Me and this sweet girl have a lot in common!! . We are both daring and hate missing out on ANYTHING. We are both foodies. We love trying new foods and eating good food! 🤤 We both love soccer ⚽ and making people happy. . We both genetically have blonde hair, blue eyes and the same body type. That body type includes healthy love handles and soft bellies. In the past I have tried to starve away or exercise away these parts of my genetic makeup 🧬. I didn’t realize then how unrealistic and harmful this pursuit of perfection is. . I recently heard an ad for a clinic that offered to have me pop in and freeze, zap, or suck away all of these “problem areas” of my natural body. It’s always tempting to see what my results would be 💭… But then I realized something very important: . I want my daughter to love her body just the way it is ♥️. I want her to see the 20 scars I have from managing melanoma while she was inside that same imperfect belly. I want to show her what healthy and strong looks like while still having normal, needed fat. If all of that was gone, how can I possibly set a true example that imperfection is right and healthy? 🤷 . If I zapped away all of the imperfections from my body, what would my daughter see when she looked at her own body? Who would she compare herself to? Would I be telling her that her body needs to be changed as well? . I would never change a single thing about her, she is beautiful and perfect just the way she is. And so am I. 💝

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