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Ditch the Diet!

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

🚫 Don’t start another diet!! 🚫 Halfway through the week, we might be thinking of the changes we’d like to make on “Monday”. We can be tempted to “start the diet again” and for sure “this time it will be for real”. 😒 A lifestyle of restriction and extreme self-discipline isn’t joyful, mindful, and doesn’t promote wellness. It’s so easy to fall off the diet bandwagon and be left feeling inadequate, frustrated, and in the same health situation you were in before. 🥺 What if, instead, you paid more attention to the things that your body wants and needs? What if you ate healthy food because you love yourself? What if you allowed yourself to eat dessert ALSO because you love yourself? What if you paid more attention to your needs for rest? What if your exercise was more fulfilling and joyful? I’ll say it again: Don’t go on another diet! Instead, go on a journey. ❤️

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