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Recorded Meditations

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Recorded Meditations

Mental Rehearsal For Success 

A mental rehearsal is a very special type of meditation. It is actually an active, engaging, and thoughtful practice that has been shown to help in overcoming bad habits, OCD, anxiety, trauma, and more. A mental rehearsal allows you to envision success, which creates brain patterns that lead to automatic motivation and confidence. 

How does it work? 

Mental rehearsal involves being completely immersed or “associated” into the experience and feeling all of the emotional and physiological responses as if you were physically doing an activity. For athletes, this includes vivid and highly detailed run-throughs of your performance, putting all thought and effort into each detail, and engaging all of your senses to imagine you are actually in the moment. Mental Rehearsal isn’t just about imagining good feelings and positive emotions; it’s about recognizing the negative emotion, shifting our state of mind, reframing the situation, and rehearsing our desired actions and outcomes. Once you have mastered this in your mind, your brain will have created new pathways of action that will be much easier for you to take. Our brains really are powerful!

Why does this work?

It has everything to do with follow through, motivation, and habit change. When you imagine yourself succeeding, your brain automatically starts associating those positive behaviors with positive emotions. You will also practice 100% follow-through in mental rehearsal, and see yourself overcoming your challenges. This is so powerful in creating lasting habit changes! 
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Want some proof? Listen to this:

There was a study done in the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio that compared two groups of people: the first group were people who went to the gym and performed physical exercise; the second group only practiced the exercise in their minds through mental rehearsal.

The group who went to the gym saw a 30% muscle increase, no surprise there!
However, the group that practiced ONLY mental rehearsal found a muscle increase of 13.5%! Wow!! This group was able to increase their muscle mass just by using the power of their brain. This is absolutely incredible!
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