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Body Reset Program 

Why a Reset? 
Toxic chemicals & heavy metals are all around us – they easily find their way into our body through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. We also ingest foreign chemicals when taking medications or when using alcohol or tobacco. Although our amazing bodies have a built-in detoxification system, it can be difficult to handle the toxin overload present in today’s environment.
Chemicals not excreted accumulate and become internal toxins that can manifest in our physical health. These toxins can damage the protective intestinal lining so we less effectively absorb nutrients and allow more toxins to pass into the blood and lymph systems. The good news is that a Body Reset Program can help support our body's detoxification system, by limiting exposure and eliminating built-up toxins so we are better able to handle the excess toxin loads so common with our hectic lifestyles.
To avoid symptoms and effectively reset the body, it is important to keep all of the body’s channels of elimination open and functioning well. A number of cleansing activities are recommended in this program, beyond changing your diet. The time and attention you devote to these activities for your body during your cleanse will be richly rewarded with improved health.
This gentle, yet effective, approach is designed to support the liver’s detoxification pathways and to improve intestinal health so that the body can clear out excess toxins and operate at its highest potential. It delivers an all-access pass to boundless reserves of energy you didn’t know you had. You’ll find that every part of your body works better simply by “switching on” your metabolism and body’s natural healing abilities. 
This program could be a perfect fit for you if you struggle with:
  • Muscle aches
  • Extra stubborn pounds 
  • Allergies or Hay Fever 
  • Anxiety or mood swings 
  • Brain Fog 
  • Digestive issues 
  • Skin problems 
  • Energy Issues
What can I expect? 
Apple Berry Smoothie
Cocktail Making
  • We'll go over your specific symptoms and find which foods work best for YOUR body. 
  • Build confidence about what to eat! You will learn what really works for your individual body and how to implement it in ways that are actually enjoyable, fun and delicious. No magic diet pills, but time-tested approaches that work well for busy, active individuals.
  • Experience more energy, and enjoyment of food, your body, and life. Feeling and looking great leads to a profound satisfaction that emanates into all corners of your life. 
  • Transform your knowledge into sustainable action so that taking care of your health becomes a part of your lifestyle.
  • Get inspired in the kitchen! Learn how to make quick, delicious, EASY, healthy meals without sacrificing flavor.
What's included? 
  • Coaching for 14-Day Detox plus 7 Day Prep
  • 3 Private 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • 3 Easy to Follow Phases
  • Detailed Manual
  • Detox Enhancing Activities List
  • Daily Checklist and Meal Journal
  • Sample Meal Plans
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