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Integrative Health Group has partnered with Merilee Ford at Conect the Dots to bring you this in-depth group coaching program! 

We are excited to be offering additional services to support you with your health goals, whether it be more energy, better sleep, weight loss, or adhering to your lifestyle changes to produce positive long-term benefits.

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1. Get signed up! (Call Integrative Health Group 801-225-5550)
2. Your coach will schedule your one-on-one entrance session to set goals
3. Join all 10 of our group coaching sessions 
4. Keep track of your goals and progress!
5. Meet with Merilee for your final exit session

Starting on March 22nd, this group will include 2 one-on-one sessions and 10 group sessions.

Cost: $550 per person (Sign up before March 15 for $50 off!)

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Merilee Ford lives in Utah with her husband Colby and three children. She has a Master's degree in Organizational Communication, and a bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communication and Psychology. She is a Certified Health and Life Coach as well as a Holistic Transformational Mastery Coach. She also is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and OCD.


It is Merilee's passion is helping people who are stressed out, busy, and overwhelmed to transform their bodies, minds... and their lives. She is an advocate for her clients to help them uncover what truly holds them back in life - mentally or physically. Her programs are based in cutting-edge psychology, brain science, integrative nutrition, and advanced transformational coaching techniques.

Click here to learn more about Merilee and her specialties. 

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Week 1- Getting Started (One-on-one session)

Get to know Merilee, focus on your goals and motivations, prepare for big changes.

Week 2 - Key to 1% Improvement

Have you ever noticed that your goals never seem to "stick"? There are real, psycological reasons why! 

Week 3 - Creating Energy by Acknowledging Wins

Our thoughts create negative and positive energy - helping us or hindering our progress. 

Week 4 - Steps to Self-Accountability

Take control of what you can, let go of blame when you can't. Explore your feelings and learn to observe and validate them for yourself. 

Week 5- Fuel Body & Mind

​Have you ever noticed that certain foods and activities give you more energy? How can you learn to incoroprtate more of these things into your life?

Week 6 - Body/Mind Clutter

You might be surprised to learn that most people have levels of latent viruses and toxin buildup that causes inflammation and other "clutter" in the body. ​

Week 7 - The Three Brains

Learning how our brain works will help you unlock the secrets to your stress, unhealthy patterns, and negative thoughts. ​

Week 8 - The power of Mental rehearsal

​Mental rehearsal has been shown to increase success in many different areas of life. We'll explore this together and help you create your own!

Week 9 - Core Beliefs

​Core beliefs are often created by emotional triggers, trauma events, and more. The great thing is this: We can always change them when we know how our brain works. 

Week 10 - Stress & Anxiety 

​How is stress affecting your body and your goals? How can you manage the stress of your daily life? 

Week 11 - Brain/Gut Connection 

Did you know your mental and physical health are connected?


Week 12- Celebrate (one-on-one session)

​Identify your progress and celebrate your wins! We'll embrace the New Normal and take steps for future success. 


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How do I sign up? 
You can sign up by contacting the front desk at Integrative Health Group.  


Who Can Join? 

Anyone! This program is meant to help anyone who wants to improve their health in any capacity. 


How do the sessions work? 

No need to leave your house! Each session will be conducted via phone or Zoom. 


How much does it cost? 

The cost for all 12 weeks is $550. Be sure to sign up before March 15 for $50 off!

What if I miss a session? 

Don't worry! It will be recorded for you to listen to the playback. 

I have a few more questions... 

Feel free to reach out to Merilee Ford

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