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A note on perfectionism...

As perfectionist or we see things so black and white.

We think things like "If I don't get this right, I'm a failure."

"If people don't like me, there is something wrong with me."

"l i can live my passions or be a good mom."

"If I am healthy I will miss out on the things I love."

"If I heal from my pain I might expect too much of myself or others might expect more from me and I can't handle that."

We get stuck in an Either/or Mentality. We feel like there are only two outcomes - a good and a bad. We don't consider any kind of middle ground, and things always feel extreme.

But what if we can shift our expectations? A shift doesn't mean that we lower them, simply take a new perspective on them to serve us better (and actually allow us to get what we want).

What if we can have both & More?

Maybe being a good mom for me is showing my kids I can also live my passions.

I can fail and be stronger because of it.

I actually need to fail in order to learn. 

If I am healthy I still get to eat a lot, maybe even more, and I can still eat the things I love. 

If I heal from my pain and get healthy, I can learn to still say "no" to things I don't want to do.

While I won't have an excuse holding me back, I do have a choice which is so much more empowering.

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