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Feel Like Crap? Here's your answer...

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

So many of us spend our days, months, and even years feeling worse than we need to! Our modern world is full of toxins, heavy metals, and viruses that build up over time - sometimes unnoticed - and leave us feeling terrible. While it’s helpful to start cutting out processed foods, eating organic and non-GMO, and learning which foods help you feel the best, it’s possible that you’ve still got toxins lurking in your body’s systems.

You might need a detox if you’re dealing with:

  • Headaches

  • Digestive issues

  • Fatigue

  • Appetite problems

  • Mood instability

  • Mental health struggles

  • Focus

  • Stubborn weight

  • Skin issues

  • Muscle aches

  • Allergies or Hay Fever

When I notice my energy levels lowering, and some of my other symptoms increasing, I know it’s time for another round of detox! This protocol is made of four different supplements that will help pull toxins out of your body (especially your liver!), and clear them out. While the supplements are powerful by themselves, I will also suggest a few minor diet changes that could prove helpful for you. As always, remember to listen to your body and learn what works best for you.

So, let’s get started! (be sure to click on the products below so you can get the best quality AND a discount!)

#1 1 cup (per day) of WILD Blueberries. It’s important to find wild blueberries because they will be free from chemicals, but wild blueberries also contain higher amounts of antioxidants. You can find these at many grocery stores, or you can get a super convenient blueberry capsule if you’re worried about staying consistent. Blueberries contain a powerful antioxidant called anthocyanins which will help in this detoxing process.

#2 3 Tablets (per day) of Hawaiin Spirulina. This will help boost your energy, boost your immune system, and bind to heavy metals and toxins to remove them from the body. Spirulina can also help knock back viruses as well, and it’s high in bioavailable iron.

#3 Barley Grass Extract powder. This will help pull all the dead viral debris from the liver into the bowel for elimination. Start with 1 tsp then increase to 2 tsp.

#4 1 dropperful twice a day, or 3 capsules a day of Cilantro. Helps pull out heavy metals like mercury hanging around from fillings, and other metals that are stubborn to remove.

#5 Lemon Water! Drinking lemon water throughout the day is great to help flush out toxins and adrenaline from your system. (Which means it can help reduce stress!) Be sure to be drinking lots of water during this detox to help clean out all the toxins. One of my favorite ways to drink lemon water is to make a warm tea at night! Add lemon juice to warm water with raw honey or organic maple syrup for a sweet treat that’s super good for you!

#6 I love this detox because it is so powerful, and doesn’t require a lot of life changes. However, there are certain foods which can interfere with the detoxing process.

Consider reducing or avoiding: eggs, dairy, hydrogenated oils (canola, vegetable, corn oil etc.) gluten, and sugar. You can take your time reducing these foods over 6-8 weeks, but it will help the process move along. They can always be reintroduced later. I want to remind you to just do what you can!

This is not an “all or nothing” situation, it’s about doing what you can.

#7 There are also many foods that can help knock down viruses and clean out the liver. These include: sweet potatoes, butternut squash, regular potatoes, leafy greens like spinach, kale, romaine, asparagus, bananas, red apples, papaya, pomegranate, garlic, red onion, raw honey, ginger, thyme, rosemary, basil, and sage. Keep in mind that any and all fruits and vegetables will help! You don’t have to eat all of this every day, but try adding these into your normal eating routine. The more the better, and the cleaner the better!

A great idea to incorporate this detox into your routine would be to make a morning smoothie. I like to make a big batch for my kids to enjoy too! I add a bunch of organic greens (I like to keep this washed and frozen so it stays good and is easy to use), organic frozen fruit, chia or flax seeds, bananas for creaminess, and a little juice for consistency. Be sure to add the barley grass and cilantro drops, my kids don’t even notice!

Remember that high quality supplements are SO important! I’ve compiled all of my favorites here to share with you - these are the ones that I buy and use! Click the links above to learn more about each supplement, and get a sweet discount from me ;)

If you’re not sure where to start, or you have more questions about detoxing, supplementing, or health in general, you can schedule a free appointment with me here so we can chat!

Happy detoxing!

P.S Remember that with any detox, it is possible that you might feel a little worse before you start feeling better. It’s common to feel nausea, headaches, fatigue, and more depending on where you’ve got extra buildup. Drinking LOTS of lemon water will be especially helpful to flush everything out faster. And… don’t give up on it, detox symptoms mean that it’s WORKING!!

Disclaimer: Connect the Dots Health Coaching achieves “habit change” (adoption of health-enhancing practices) via coaching and does not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. Any supplements suggested are equally not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure health issues. Consult your doctor. Merilee Ford and Connect the Dots are happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your wellbeing.

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