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Healthy Food?

Having your whole day revolve around healthy food is just another way of being unhealthy.


Being healthy is much different than we often think 💁. Health is really more about balance⚖️, self-love ♥️, and peace of mind ☮️. . Sometimes we think of a “healthy” person as someone who spends hours at the gym and only eats raw vegetables 🏃. While this is enjoyable and possible for some people, it is still possible to be healthy without stretching yourself beyond your limits.☀️ . I do enjoy cooking healthy meals and finding organic food for my family 🌱, but every once in awhile that McDonald’s drive-thru is a lifesaver🍟! Anyone else? 🙋 . If you’re spending your entire day thinking about what you’re going to eat🙍, stressing about food choices😩, or feeling guilty for eating something unhealthy😓, you can be sure that there is something out of balance🛑! . I want you to remember that you are SO much more than what you put into your body! 🥰

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