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Honoring Your No

How many of you are really great at saying yes to things without hesitation?

Maybe it's because you can, you’re great at multitasking, or you love serving other people. We love to help because we can. But... just because we can doesn't always mean we should

Do you have a healthy "no" practice currently in place? Why is this important?

Activities are just like food, because they can give or take energy! Some activities, like foods, are energizing, wholesome, and good for us. Other activities, like junk food, can leave us feeling drained. Sometimes we just have to do these draining activities, and that's okay. Life can't always be super fun all the time.

However, there's also our attitude that's an important factor here... but that's another conversation!

We might not realize it, but many of these draining activities, we actually can say no to! We simply cannot do everything. 

Remember this...When we say yes to something we are saying no to something else. often that's ourselves. The opposite is true when we say no, we are saying yes to something else. 

So I want you to think of your upcoming week and all that is on your schedule...What comes to mind? it.."AHH CRAP", is it "DO I have to?"

What would you like to feel about your week instead?

Maybe you'd like to have something you need to take care of this week but, you are really looking forward to spending some quality time with your family. Maybe you'd like to be relieved that you said "no" to something to clear up some free time. Maybe you wish you'd be less busy. Maybe you'd like to take on a new challenge!

And whatever that is, if you had that, feeling what would it do for your life? (And the important people in your life). Maybe it is feeling of peace, and calm to think about a schedule that fits YOUR wants. How do you think that would benefit you?

If we are taking care of ourselves, and filing our tanks, we WILL be able to say "yes". We have to know are priorities so we dont’ start the vicious cycle of burning out, feeling guilty, feeling like a failure, feeling like we aren’t doing enough, then feeling even more burnt out.

SO take a few minutes today, look at what your top five priorities are in life...Then look at your calendar and say no or cancel at least one thing that isn’t in alignment with these priorities. Notice what then opens up for you. Notice the relief or the burden being lifted. Also notice that it really usually doesn't negatively impact someone if you say no.  

Once you say no to something that doesn't align with your priorities, you can then say yes to something that you weren't able to before. This is the feeling that should motivate and energize you!

Remember you don’t have to feel guilty for saying no. "No." is a complete sentence. You do not have to justify or explain yourself. Saying no does not mean you are letting someone down. 

When we pause before saying yes to consider our priorities, we will be able to say yes to the things that are right for ourselves and others. There may be someone who really needs this yes and it might not be you...this time. Again, practicing that pause before answering is key! If you're not sure what you want in the moment, try saying "Let me get back to you tomorrow!" and take your time to consider the options.

So, what are your top priorities?

What are you going to say no to this week?

How will that benefit you and those around you?

What will open up for you?

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